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10 needed plugins for creating new WordPress 2017 website


Hello everyone!

In this port, I will show you 10 needed plugins for creating new WordPress 2017 website. You should add these plugins first before setup your new website. They have been created long time ago, but still, they have proved how useful and powerful they are for a wordpress website. There are over a million plugins for wordpress, but really hard to choose which is good for your website. So, I will help you save some time and effort to find plugins. Here are top 10 needed plugins for creating new WordPress 2017 website:

1. Plugin WordPress Yoast SEO

First one is the plugin that every wordpress must have: Plugin WordPress Yoast SEO. With Yoast SEO, you can optimize your web content in SEO.This plugin help you maximize your SEO-website skill. Yoast SEO reviews are always accurate if you apply your writing style accordingly. And this plugin is free!

Yoast SEO plugin is the best and most essential plugin for wordpress today. WordPress itself has optimized SEO very well but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to improve it. This is a powerful and completely free SEO plugin developed by Yoast with over 1 million installs. With the help of Yoast SEO, your work will be much easier:

  •  Optimizing posts for keywords that you need SEO for posts with very friendly interface and as a result you will get a standard SEO article.
  • Scoring for posts with target keywords and guiding you through the steps to optimize your chosen keywords.
  • Optimizing title tags, description, XML sitemap generation, Social Media support, …
  • Optimizing the title & description of the components in the website.

You can find a lot of instructions to install this plugin correctly on google.

2. Contact Form 7

Your website have to have Contact entries. Contact Form 7 is a plugin that helps create simple, professional contact forms. The advantage of this contact plugin is its superior customization.

It is currently rated as a form-based plugin that has great customization capabilities and it can serve some of the things premium plugins can not.

You can quickly create a contact form, then the plugin will give you a shortcode. You can use this shortcode to insert anywhere on the website you want. Usually you should create a separate contact page and place it to the menu of the site.

3. WordPress Akismet

When managing a website, you have to deal with spam. Many people use automated tools to spam (spammer), subscribe to your site. And Akismet is a free anti-spam plugin that is very popular nowadays.

This is a free anti-spam system developed by Automattic.

4. Advanced TinyMCE

This is a great plugin that supports hidden features in the WordPress editor that you can’t normaly use them. When writing articles without this Plugin, you will see that something is missing, for example, no font size, no underline, …

Advanced TinyMCE will solve that problem for you. It also supports some advanced functions such as creating tables, adding some options when creating lists, adding font options, font sizes …

5. Jetpack

This is a plugin developed by WordPress itself and is very versatile. The features of this plugin we use most often are view access statistics, pageviews, where traffic comes from.

Once the Jetpack installation is complete, this plugin needs to be linked to a account to be activated, if you don’t have an account you can sign up, it’s very simple.. This is probably the first WordPress plugin that I installed when I started a site using WordPress. This plugin brings many features from WordPress.Com to us. With over 30 features in one WordPress Plugin, your WordPress site is a lot more powerful.

6. Plugin WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

This is a great WordPress Plugin that helps Google index your site better. It creates a special XML sitemap file. As a result, Google understands web pages more easily, indexes faster. This WordPress plugin also helps create sitemaps for all types of pages. Especially it supports custom sitemap url customization, you can change the url from to In addition, Google XML Sitemaps also helps inform all major search engines whenever a new article is posted or modified on your site. That plugin is awesome, right?

7. Plugin Ithemes Security

IThemes Security is a leading trusted option in website security. There is no denying that iThemes Security (or Better WP Security) is one of the best security plugins for WordPress

No one wants their WordPress site being hacked, and that’s why we should use the Itheme Security plugin. This is a very useful plugin, there are many security options for you in settings. It looks like this plugin has incorporated all of the security tips for a WordPress site into a place called the Itheme Security plugin so you have absolutely reason to use it.

8. Disqus Comment System

Disqus are one of the most remarkable alternatives to WordPress’s default commenting system, as comments on WordPress are slowly becoming spam mails. Support comments on Facebook, Google+ and the original WordPress, Twitter.

9. AdRotate

It’s time to add billboards or promote your own sites, or affiliate sales. AdRotate is a great plugin to help you insert the best free ad with a lot of premium features:

  • Ads change their content when refreshed.
  • Ads that dance after a predetermined time without loading the page.
  • Advertise in groups.
  • Monitoring, statistics and data.
  • Support for ad insertion everywhere, limited display.

10. Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Link Lite is a powerful plugin that will help you make shorter and nicer links and it is free to use. If you are a blogger who is joining the affiliate marketing network with affiliate marketing, do not miss a plugin like this.

You wonder why the other site they have such a beautiful link. Pretty Link Lite will help you create beautiful affiliate link like. There is no need to bother with other blogs to use the plugin anymore!


Here are 10 of the best wordpress plugins I’m sure almost 90% of bloggers will use because of their usefulness and necessity. Do not hesitate anymore to install them to your wordpress site!

If you have any questions or comments leave a comment below. ^^

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