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Best Mouse fo FPS gamers 2017


Which is the best choice for you?

Want to get good in FPS games? Here are our reader choices for the FPS gaming mice of 2017. Remember that any of those mice within this list may be preferable for some due to weight, form, and size reduction. The top 5 gaming mouse for fps game is based on bountyboosting ( community of pro overwatch, dota 2, pubg pro gamers) and gearvn ( top company of selling gaming gear)

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1. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

No gaming mouse listing could be complete without an entrance by Razer, and this one is no exception. The DeathAdder is one of the best gaming mouse on earth. This mouse is intended to be used using a hand grip; to adjust the position of the hand, the form of this mouse will fit in the hands of any gamer. This piece of hardware is capable of reaching around 10,000 maximum DPI for those moves.

This mouse is equipped with 5 buttons, without the DPI adjustment change, still allow you to switch between levels of sensitivity by Razer Synapse.

2. SteelSeries Rival 300

This is a mouse that is remarkably in common. It is a big that feels normal to to grip. So that is a positive for person with smaller hands who needs a mouse that they could use hand grip. It also has 3310 Optical in sensor that is really suit FPS gamers.

3. Mionix Castor

The grip of Mionix Castor is eloquent, the sensor is perfect, the side grips larger than other mouse, along with the Teflon feet are somewhat wider and much more conspicuous than other mouse I’ve used. All of this coupled with Mionix’s lighting alternatives, lightweight framework and layout at about 96 g. If you have tried Razer DeathAdder, then you would like to try this one as well.

4. Logitech G402

The Hyperion Fury can control movements approximately ảound 500 inches-per-second (ips) whereas the fastest you will normally see in a mouse such as the G502 is something in the area of 300ips. How is it possible? Well, it is all down to the Fusion Engine hybrid sensor Logitech has put inside of G402.

5. BenQ Zowie EC2-A

This really is a favorite of mine among the greatest FPS mice I’ve ever used. No software needed, the side switches are on default option (back and forward). Lift off distance can be changed. Rate and DPI can be adjusted as well. DPI measures are 1600, 800, 400 and 3200.

Hope you can choose a mouse that suits you through this review!

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