The All-in-One DV to DVD Solution

Capturing DV from Your Camcorder

Before capturing DV from your camcorder, please make sure the DV camcorder is powered on and set to VCR mode. A 1934 card is required to connect your DV camcorder with your PC in order to capture video.

1. Click DV Capture tab and you will see a pop-up window as follows:

2. Select you Input Devices firstly and then click Start Capture to import the video from your camcorder.

3. Click Stop Capture to stop the capture. After capturing, you can choose to play the captured video, if you are not satisfied with, you may choose to capture again.

4. The information at the bottom of the window will show the size your captured video file and the capacity of your disc. So please make sure the size of your captured videos does not exceed the capacity of your disc.

5. Click OK to return to the main window.


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